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Suitable tank mates

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Suitable tank mates

Postby Pilgrim89 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:22 pm

Hey guys,

I am a relatively new aquarist in the sense that I have kept fish before, a few times, but I've never really delved into the ins and outs of it. I have had some successes and some failures and I always welcome new information and I have started researching various different fish for my community tank.

I am curious to know if there are many, if any, Cichlid species other than Angelfish that would be compatible within my community tank (which is 4ft wide x 1ft deep x 1.5ft tall or 170litres thereabouts). I have currently got: 2 x Bala sharks (I am now aware of the size that these grow to even though the pet shop I bought them from didn't tell me, I will be searching for a new home for them in about 4-6 months as they are only about 2.5" and 3" at the moment), 2 x Albino Rainbow sharks, 1 x Silver Angelfish & 2 x 'common' Plecostomus (they are both dark brown with camo patterning but one is growing more than the other and they're both eating well).

As you can probably tell, I have some questions that need answering but initially I would like to know what suggestions for compatible tank mates for my tank... I am keen to know if there are species of Cichlid suitable (other than Angelfish) as I love the colour, size and shape variations within the family of Cichlidae though I am also keen to know about other species too :-) (I am currently eyeing up getting various Corydoras catfish)

Thanks for bearing with me as I try to explain everything at once! haha
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Re: Suitable tank mates

Postby firefly » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:29 pm

What is your water like hardness wise etc?

On another note, all the fish you have get large! I would say none are ideal for that size tank. The albino sharks are just a colour morph/albino form of the red finned black shark.

As these mature they get VERY aggressive to there own kind and pretty aggressive to other tank mates.

Two pleco's......... Again large fish, and common pleco these days could mean anything, not having a go but so many so called common plecs are entirely separate species depending on the shop you buy from!

A tank that size would just about hold a single plec for a while.

So how soft/hard is your water?

How attached to your fish are you?

I would get of the fish except the angels and replace the plec with a bristle nose. It would give you a choice of some south American dwarfs possibly.

But at the moment you have a bit of a mixed bag that are mostly going to get too big too quickly, or become stunted.

A note on the Bala sharks.

Fabulous fish, but i would like to see the import of these banned! They are becoming endangered in the wild and EXTREMELY hard to breed, as far as i am aware no successful breeding on any meaningful scale, so most fish are wild caught and end up dead once they get too big.

I love the red finned black sharks, but they can be a mare once they start to mature.
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