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snail eggs, i think? help?

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 11:55 am
by raysonhalley
Hi, I think I have loads of snail eggs?
in my tank I have 1 shubunkin, 1 sarasa, 3 danios, 5 platys and 2 minows. I know I shouldn't have bigger goldfish type fish in with the little uns but they have been there for years and are fine. the tank huge so not a problem either, I think 100L I cant remember so this is not my problem.
I think I am having snail egg problems. I used to have 1 single apple snail for a long time, but since he died I was missing snails. I couldn't find any at my local pet stores for a long time. My friend brought me 2 which I think are ramshorn snails, which I have now googled and found are pest snails. I am pretty sure the eggs are from them as there are 2 but they don't look like the eggs online. they are tiny white dots, like a head of a pin, but longer. the front of my tank is seemless so they aren't there, but at the joins of the back of the tank and in any nooks and cranys of my pirate ship. I have taken 1 of the snails out but cant find the other one, but will look again in a minute.
the eggs have been appearing more and more each day
I also have 1 horned nerite snail and 1 tiger nerite snail (I think) which I got from pets at home (against my feelings about that shop, I shouldn't have gone there.
Do you think it is the ramshorn snails as there is 2 of those, or could it be the others?
any idea or how to get rid of them if they are?
I didn't want to get rid of them without advice in case the long shot they are some sort of fish eggs?
Thanks in advance

Re: snail eggs, i think? help?

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 3:24 pm
by malakye
I would put money on them being ramshorn snails, those things breed like rabbits and the other will more than likely be hiding in the substrate. They really are a pest.

As you said the bigger goldfish should really not be in with the others, they will be getting stunted, its like you keeping your feet in a kids shoe size, their bodies get crushed in on themselves and it really shortens their lifespans, if you possibly can try to get either a larger tank or someone with a pond to home them too.