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Help with my tank

Need some help or advice quickly.

Help with my tank

Postby Duckimus » Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:19 am

Hi there, i bought a fish tank about 2 months ago and its the first time im doing it on my own so i decided to go with coldwater fish, so once my tank was cycled i went fish shopping at my local Dobby's garden centre and bought 3 Zebra Danios which are still with me now and are quite fun to watch

My problem came with my second lot of fish, i decided to go to Pets at Home and buy 3 Variatus Platys and decided not to add anymore fish since my tank is only 24 litres. The only downside to my tank was it did not come with a light but i could see inside the tank from the sunlight or the light in my room. So just the other day i purchased a Submersible light on Ebay and it arrived yesterday as i was about to head of to work but as i got out the door work called and said that they were doing cut backs on hours and that i would not be in.

So anyway i go back home and set up my Submersible light and i spotted 2 things straight away, 1.) my 3 Variatus Platys all had Fin Rot but my Danios were perfectly fine and 2.) was quite exciting but one of my Platys had given birth to some Fry which i would of not noticed without the light. I call my Brother up to come help whilst i got a jug filled with water from my tank and put the fry i could find in there (only 2 at the time) my brother then arrives with a Incubator and we put the 2 in there, then we lift up the Ornament in my tank and find another 6 fry and saved them

After all that we headed to my local Pets at Home for some Fin Rot curer and ask will it be okay to put this in the tank because we had the fry with the incubator in there and what should we feed the fry. So the guy said it will be ok with the Fry as long as you got a filter and to feed the fry crushed up fish flakes 3-4 times a day.

We get home and feed the fry and follow the instructions on the Fin Rot curer. So about 20:30 last night one of the adult Platys sadly died so i removed it from my tank. I wake up this morning and the other 2 are dead aswell :-( but my Danios are just fine

My questions are:

Will the Fry be okay without the adult Platys?

How long will it take for the Fry to grow?

And would you recommend buying fish from Pets at Home again? I've heard a couple of storys about stuff like since
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Re: Help with my tank

Postby malakye » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:15 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Pets at home are a bit hit or miss, some stores are great others are really poor. It sounds like you were given really bad advice, your tank is too small for platys. If you can try to get a bigger tank.
Because you have had deaths do a water change today and another in a few days.
As to the fry, they will be fine without the adults, infact probably safer than if the parents were in with them, adult platy will eat the young. Young fry grow at different rates so it really depends on how strong the fry are, feeding etc. Be careful not to over feed.
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