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Fish suddenly dieing

Need some help or advice quickly.

Fish suddenly dieing

Postby Simps1000 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:20 pm

Hi all

Am suddenly losing fish in our aquarium - we have a 260 litre tank

We have 6 neon tetras
5 red platys - 1 dieing
3 silver tail sharks (2 have died)
1 guppy (died)
3 Clown loaches

Don't beleve we are over stocked.

All the fish which have died seem to be bobbling about for a day or so. The shark was swimming upside down / side ways laying on the bottom before dieing.

Nitrate, nitrites, ammonia are all fine ph is at around 7.4 which is slightly high.

Have done 2 30% water changes over past couple days to try help.

Would the ph being at 7.4 cause this? We have co2 going in and have a planted aquarium.

Any advise what this could be?


Re: Fish suddenly dieing

Postby malakye » Fri May 06, 2016 4:30 pm

Hi Marc

How long has the tank been set up for? Do you have the actual readings for nitrate, nitrite and ammonia as this would help us more.

A pH of 7.4 wouldnt have caused that so long as the fish were acclimatised and not all just dropped in.
How long has your co2 been running?

Has anyone put their hand in the tank wearing perfume or aftershave or any kind of creams? Or could anyone have sprayed something near the tank?
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