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Let the 1st attempt commence, fluval edge..

New to saltwater or still thinking of moving onto it.

Let the 1st attempt commence, fluval edge..

Postby M1tch » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:10 pm

The plan is I've got the tank all washed out ready to go, going to use stock filter but change the sponge for live rock rubble and active carbon and floss, I've ordered a 200 lph wave maker,but not sure if the waterfall feature from the stock filter will give the tank enough movement?without using the power head, I'm lucky enough to get live sand, live rock and water from a matured tank, am I right in thinking its 1 kg of rock to 10 ltrs of water. Currently reading up on what I can stock safely in such a small tank.....that's about as far as I've got :ye:
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Re: Let the 1st attempt commence, fluval edge..

Postby stumpy316uk » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:08 pm

yeah it 1kg of lr for every 10ltrs. if u r using lr rumble and carbon in ur filter i would leave the foss out and add phos remove. has the foss it will need to be change every few days to stop it becoming a nitrate factory i run my setup on a external filter using only carbon and phos remove. how powerful is the filter u will need good surface movement for gas exchange i have done a guide on water movement have a read of that. just take ur time has nothing good will happen quick in a marine tank. just be carefull when added the rock sand and water u will get a cycle.

hope this helps
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