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Upgrading my established tank, new to fish keeping

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Upgrading my established tank, new to fish keeping

Postby fishiemomma » Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:43 am

I currently have a 20G-long tank with about 5 adult platys and two tiny babies, one albino bristlenose pleco, and 5 cory cats.

I have recently moved and wanted a bigger tank, and purchased a 55G tank that is now rinsed out and sitting empty on its stand at my new apartment. I am unsure how to go about moving my fish and rocks and such into the new tank. Do I need to do a fishless cycle beforehand in the new tank? Or just move the water over with the fish? Also not sure if the water will be high enough to run through the filter as its only for a 25-35 gal tank and not sure how much the 20G will fill up in the 55G. Any advice would be appreciated, have had these fish for about a year now and am pretty attached to them, so I would like to avoid any casualties or undue stress to them if I can. :sos:
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Re: Upgrading my established tank, new to fish keeping

Postby Big Den » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:56 pm

Welcome. Move your filter over to the new tank, move as much water as possible, then top up with fresh water. The filter will still cope with the bioload unless you add more fish, in which case you will need a bigger filter.
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