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General Help (80 tropical)

Are you running a planted tank or just need advice on setting one up.

General Help (80 tropical)

Postby Teacupxx » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:52 am

Hello my 80L has been running for 2 months now,

I just need a bit of help with some issues I seem to be having.

First of all on my black sand there is a layer on brown bits and pieces I syphon them out when I do a water change and as often as I can but I cant seem to get on top of this mess. I have cory's and snails :dev: this stuff it seems like they don't want to eat it all they do is stir it up.

Secondly Shrimp! I have never had any luck with shrimp ever... every time I buy RCS they seem to die off with in a few days and it seems like this is happening again as I found on dead yesterday. and I have only had them for 2 days, maybe its a one off but I expected that with my old tank I used lead plant ties to keep down mosses I thought that the metal was poisoning them. in my new tank I haven't added any metal and with fertilizer I have a shrimp friendly dirt.

Please give me any feed back if I'm doing anything wrong.

Many thanks. :ye:
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