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Sandy bottom, planted tank, burrowers, help?

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Sandy bottom, planted tank, burrowers, help?

Postby Vestyxe » Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:43 pm

I've been looking around for tips on planted and sandy aquariums, I've seen a lot of people talk about sand getting in the filter and destroying it, plants having a hard time staying under the sand so they float up, sand being a pain to clean without losing any of it and the most concerning, a build up of gases that occur under the sand that can be released killing the fish?
It's all a bit scary to a newcomer, I was wondering if I could get plant recommendations, plants that do well in sand or plants that float, can be tied on, I'd mainly like some tall plants for the background, also for the buildups of gas and filth, once my tank has aged in a bit would it be a good idea to add a couple of things like burrowing snails and khuli loaches to keep turning the sand so as to minimise build up and keep it at a manageable level? I'm also planing on Corydoras and shrimp, would they be helpful?

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Re: Sandy bottom, planted tank, burrowers, help?

Postby malakye » Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:06 pm

I have always used sand in my freshwater tanks and its never damaged a filter. As for gas that really only occurs if it is really deep. Plant roots move so tend to release any gas pockets. Corydoras with their barbels turn over the sand. Avoid adding snails into the tank they do become pests. If you are worried about gas (which honestly you dont have too) use a chopstick to disturb the sand. When doing a water change use a bit of hose just above the sand to suck up the fish waste and siphon out the water.
Plants that do well are things like amazon swords (broad leaved plants that get big) and vallis which is one of my favourites, its easy to grow and gets tall, it puts out runners in much the same way a strawberry plant does and you get lots of new plantlets which soon take hold in the sand. I find if you get the plants added before adding the fish the roots get a chance to get hold.
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