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Is my tank overstocked? Please help.

If you are new to the hobby.

Is my tank overstocked? Please help.

Postby MermaidIsand13 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:18 pm

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on this forum so if this is in the wrong place or anything i'm sorry!!
Basically i have a 200 liter fish tank which at the moment houses;
- 8 Peppered Cory (Corydoras) Catfish
- 6 Red Wag Platy
and - 12 Harlequin Tetras
1) Have i overstocked the tank??
2) How often should i do a water change?
3) Is there space for any more fish?

Thanks so much :bye:

Re: Is my tank overstocked? Please help.

Postby Pilgrim89 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:27 pm

That is a pretty decent tank size for that many fish, I would say. As long as there is plenty of plant life, some root wood would look great and provide fish with environment enrichment. I don't want to sound like an expert as I am relatively new to the hobby myself but having read upon many different articles and websites I would say that a well planted aquarium with natural wood decor with some stone dotted around would look great and add towards a natural feel for the tank :-)

Hope this helps and if anyone feels that there is a better way then please let us know as I would also love to know :-)
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Re: Is my tank overstocked? Please help.

Postby malakye » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:27 am

Hi and welcome, sorry for the delay in replying, i had a few health issues.
You have a good size tank so your stocking is ok.
Water changes aim for around 25% weekly. How long has your tank been running for?
What other fish were you thinking?
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